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                 Calcutta Rescue Fund

                           Health, Education and Hope


Many of Kolkata’s poorest people are trapped in poverty because they have no skills to earn a decent living. Calcutta Rescue provides training to enable them to become self-reliant.


Fairtrade handicrafts project


Calcutta Rescue runs a handicrafts project that employs former patients, widows, women whose husbands are sick or unemployed, and former school students who need a practical trade.


The men and women working in the handicrafts project are trained in a wide variety of skills including sewing, embroidery and woodwork.


They make the clothes that are given free to Calcutta Rescue’s needy patients and schoolchildren and they also make a range of Fairtrade-certified handicrafts that are sold locally and abroad.


Vocational training


Less academic students  at Calcutta Rescue's schools are offered vocational training when they get older  –  for example, driving, tailoring, beauty care, mobile phone repair and computer skills.





Anish’s father died from TB when he was a young child and his mother came to the city to find work.  Anish thrived at  school until he was 12 years old, when  he was forced to leave to earn money for the family.  He found a job in a sandal factory  - low paid and unskilled work.  


 Calcutta Rescue's handicrafts project has given this bright and hard working young man the skills and opportunity to make a successful life for himself and he now has a young family of his own.

Skills Training