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                 Calcutta Rescue Fund

                           Health, Education and Hope


Officially there are 2.5 million people living in Kolkata’s slums and on the streets.  It is very difficult for people to look after their health in poor and overcrowded living conditions, which are made worse by the intense heat and monsoon rains. Many lack basic knowledge about important health issues.


Providing health education


Calcutta Rescue takes every opportunity to give patients simple, picture-based health education targeted at their needs. This enables people to look after their own health more successfully, even in very challenging conditions.



Taking healthcare to the slums


Calcutta Rescue has an outreach programme, visiting the slums to deliver health education, to treat parasitic infections (worms, scabies, lice) and Vitamin A deficiency (which can damage eyesight) and to refer ill people to our clinics. We have a mobile clinic and a fixed clinic to serve very poor areas.




Providing safe drinking water


Ground water from wells in parts of rural West Bengal contains very high natural concentrations of arsenic.  These wells are used for drinking and cooking water, as untreated surface water is unsafe.  However, the arsenic causes serious long term health problems.


Calcutta Rescue has installed four arsenic filtration units and is supervising the operation of another four filtration units, providing over 20,000 litres of safe water daily.

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Preventing illness