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By CRF editor, May 24 2018 11:16AM

Donors, supporters and volunteers came together to celebrate what Calcutta Rescue has achieved and to be inspired about what the charity will do next. During an afternoon of singing, dance and lively conversation, CEO Jaydeep Chakrabarty shared Calcutta Rescue's plans for the next few years, including:

1. Improving slum communities through access to clean drinking water and installing toilets.

2. Child friendly schools (in a new school building)

3. More opportuities for vocational training and employment

Jaydeep quoted Calcutta Rescue's founder Dr Jack Preger: "We must see life through the eyes and minds of those we serve."

Many thanks to all who made this such a special day.

By CRF editor, May 17 2018 07:42AM

Two women are dancing for joy in the middle of Calcutta Rescue’s TB clinic, surrounded by patients wearing green masks to prevent the spread of this potentially fatal disease.

It is November 2017 and they have just been told they are finally clear of the disease after a year and a half of treatment.

That spontaneous expression of happiness provided the spark of inspiration for this dance video involving hundreds of Calcutta Rescue's patients, schoolchildren and doctors, health workers and teachers dancing to the soundtrack of Living in the City by British artist Rhys Lewis, who is supporting the project. The video was filmed and edited by volunteers at no cost to the charity.

Calcutta Rescue works in challenging conditions, and the lives of the people we help are very hard.

But they so often demonstrate a remarkable resilience and love of life. So we thought, why not try and capture that positive spirit in dance? Then all we had to do was get everyone in the charity inspired by the idea, get everyone rehearsing, and then film them in 12 different locations around the city, from the roof of a school in a red-light district to a mobile clinic parked up in one of the city’s most deprived slums...

From children with learning disabilities and patients crippled by leprosy to an amazing woman of 90 who had had a hip operation just a month before - everyone danced their socks off.

So if you enjoy this video and like what we are trying to do then please, please share it with all your friends, and help us spread the word about this amazing little charity.

By CRF editor, Mar 26 2018 08:28AM

A fire has swept through a slum at Phoolbazaar, north Kolkata, where some of our school children live. 15 homes have been completely destroyed and families have lost everything.

Calcutta Rescue is providing emergency relief and is raising money to help the familes rebuild their homes and their livelihoods.

Please help us to help them by donating now.

To find out more, watch this short video:

By CRF editor, Nov 19 2017 11:43AM

Since 2016 Calcutta Rescue has had a volunteer role of Global Public Health Fellow. Our current Fellow Dr Marcello is building on the work of his predecessor Dr Amy to help CR increase our impact through quality improvement, community mapping and audits of need and health outcomes. He is refreshing the training the of our street medicine field workers on a range of medical and public health topics to enable them to deliver more effective health education, and will be training them in basic triage. He also brings clinical expertise in TB, which remains a serious health problem in Kolkata.

By CRF editor, May 6 2017 11:23AM

Dr Jack Preger MBE, founder of Calcutta Rescue, was named Philanthropist of the Year at a star-studded Asian Awards ceremony in London (Friday, May 5 2017).

The award recognises his extraordinary contribution to helping the poorest of the poor in Kolkata for the past 38 years.

It is the first time a living person not of Asian origin has been honoured at the awards, though Mother Teresa received a posthumous award last year.

During the presentation at the Park Lane Hilton by actor and comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar, Dr Jack, as he is known, was described as: “truly an outstanding individual who defines the meaning of philanthropy.”

Dr Jack told the audience, which included cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and London’s mayor Sadiq Khan plus a host of other celebrities: “This is an incredible honour for me. This award gives my organisation, Calcutta Rescue, street med cred - and that’s a great help in this country for our support groups raising funds. It’s a great help in Kolkata. Financially it really is so difficult to keep an organisation going nowadays.

The fact that I’m not Asian makes it even more impressive this award than for me receiving it.

Jaydeep Chakraborty, chief executive of Calcutta Rescue, said: “Dr Jack has selflessly and quietly gone about his work of serving some of the poorest citizens in the world. He leads an almost monastic existence.

“The entire team at Calcutta Rescue feels tremendous pride that Dr Jack’s work is finally beginning to be recognised.”

Now 86, Dr Jack still lives in Kolkata helping run Calcutta Rescue, motivating staff, caring for patients and continuing to inspire supporters around the globe.

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