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Subho - an inspirational role model

By CRF editor, May 23 2019 05:19AM

Climbing Everest is nothing compared to the metaphorical mountain that Subhajit Sana, has had to climb to run one of Calcutta Rescue’s two schools.

Subho (which means 'good') was born 30 years ago in a 10ftx10ft hut in a slum in Kolkata with no toilet.

Both his parents are illiterate and his father is an alcoholic who spent much of what little money they had on booze and cards.

He had no parental support and guidance but Subho was bright and determined, and school was his salvation.

There he found a series of teachers who recognised his potential.

He studied very hard and they gave him extra support at breaks and after school.

As a result he won a place at college where he gained a BSC majoring in physics, chemistry and maths.

He had paid his own way through university by doing three jobs - working in a factory two days a week, acting as a courier and making packages out of newspaper at home that he could sell.

And afterwards he jumped at the chance of a low paid job as a teacher at Calcutta Rescue.

Why? Because: “I love teaching and I don’t want other children to suffer like me.”

A decade on and Subho has risen to be headteacher of Tala Park School, responsible for 9 teachers and 300 students.

He is an inspirational role model for them. When it was decided a few months ago to extend the school hours into the evening to provide a place for youngsters to do their homework and receive support with it Subho volunteered to do this himself - adding an extra two and a half hours to his working day.

“Kids don’t get guidance at home. Now we provide that.” he said smiling.

On the shelf in his small, dark office is a laminated certificate which says that CR’s schools were named the most caring in West Bengal at The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence in 2018.

That is quite a thing to try to live-up-to, or even justify, but Subho is a clear demonstration of why that award is fully justified.

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