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By CRF editor, Oct 28 2020 01:36PM

Massive thanks to everyone who supported the Kolkata Covid Challenge in July which raised an astonishing £220,000!

A total of £120,000 was donated for the sponsored walk and Barclays has just announced almost £100,000 of match funding.

This is by far the most money Calcutta Rescue has ever raised for an appeal. Your generosity has ensured that we have the money we need to work safely and support thousands of poor people throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

This includes buying PPE to protect staff, sanitation packs for people in the slums, food for patients who have lost their jobs, smartphones so school children can continue their studies at home, computers to help doctors doing telephone consultations and so much more...

More than 130 walkers around the globe took part in the 10km sponsored walk on July 25, and there was a two-hour live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube, celebrating of Dr Jack’s work plus news on how Calcutta Rescue responding to the Covid crisis in Kolkata.

You can watch the 25th July broadcast and the award-winning documentary 'Doctor Jack' at

By CRF editor, Jun 17 2020 07:27AM

On Saturday, July 25, supporters all over the world are taking part in Calcutta Rescue’s first-ever global fundraising event - The Kolkata Covid Challenge. The money raised will buy food parcels, medicine, PPE and fund all the measures we need to operate safely and effectively for our staff, patients and schoolchildren..

25th July is Dr Jack’s 90th birthday and the event is a celebration of everything that he achieved in 40 years working with the poor in Kolkata, as well as raising much needed money to help thousands of families survive the Covid crisis.

Donations doubled by match funding

The great news is that everything you raise or donate can be DOUBLED by Barclays Bank. It has generously offered to match-fund all the money raised on theJustGiving page set up by Nirmalya Chakraborty, a trustee of Calcutta Rescue Fund who came up with the idea for the challenge and who will set off at midday from the Meridian Line in Greenwich.

To ensure the donation is doubled, please leave your name when making it.

Become a walker

We can’t all get together to do something because of Covid, so the challenge simply involves walking 10 kilometres on that day wherever you happen to live.

If you ask sponsors to donate to Nirmalyas's Justgiving page (including their name) then Barclays Bank will double the the donations:

If you prefer to use your own fundraising page, that's fine too (but donations won't be doubled).

Please do check and fully comply with whatever Covid protection rules apply where you are planning to walk.Let us know you are going to join the challenge, and where, by emailing Sean at [email protected] Once you have registered we will give you more information and some great tips on how to get friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you.

* In India, because the number of Covid cases continues to rise, we are asking supporters not to walk. But the team in India will be doing a Facebook Live broadcast on the day from 11am British Summer Time (= 12pm Central European Summer Time, 3.30 pm India Standard Time)

Details on what is happening in India are at

Make a donation.

If you can’t join the walk then please do support us by making a donation to Nirmalya's JustGiving page:

To ensure your donation is doubled please leave your name on the Justgiving page when making it.

Don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box if you are a UK taxpayer as this will give us an extra 25%.

You can also donate to the challenge by sending us a cheque if you make clear you want the money to go to this fundraiser - and it will also be DOUBLED.

Send your cheque to the usual address Calcutta Rescue Fund, 7c Fairacres, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 8AN.


By CRF editor, May 29 2020 06:04AM

Super-cyclone Amphan caused devastation in the slums and rural communities where thousands of Calcutta Rescue's patients and school children live,.with homes and crops destroyed, food and possessions lost, and whole villages flooded.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time: these very poor people were already suffering from the impact of many weeks of coronavirus lockdown, without jobs or money.

Our schools, a clinic, and one of our mobile ambulances have storm damage, but we know all our school children are safe.

The Calcutta Rescue team is providing emergency food and plastic sheeting to repair shacks in a dozen slums, with the Street Medicine team continuing to take aid out to more distant areas.

By CRF editor, May 12 2020 08:37PM

The whole of Kolkata and surrounding districts have been designated a coronavirus high-risk “Red Zone” and there are now 300 “Containment Areas” here - areas sealed off because of virus cases. We are continuing our emergency food and medicine programme while planning ahead for the longer term.


Our medical team has been very busy delivering a second batch of medicines and food to 700 high-need patients. However some of our patients who need drugs have gone missing and we are trying hard to trace them.There are also 20 patients who need expensive and life-saving drugs for conditions like leukaemia, but who live five hours or more outside the city. Up to now we haven’t had time to reach them, but this coming week we are going to get to them, even though it will tie up a vehicle and driver for a whole day. Drug supply is an increasing problem, with prices rising fast and the supplier of all our neuro medicines now unreachable inside a “Containment Area”. Our pharmacy team are working to find new suppliers and keep costs down.

We have developed Covid guidelines for the clinics to run safely in the months ahead. Patients will consult doctors over the phone and only come to one of the clinics if it is essential to see them in person, or to collect medicine and food benefits. The clinics themselves will be physically reorganised to protect patients and staff. We need to find the money for personal protective equipment for staff for the foreseeable future.


We continue to supply essential food to 600 students and their families, increasing our normal schools food budget by 50%. Our education team continues to use distance learning to teach all the pupils at formal schools and they have restarted teaching the youngest cohort who need to learn to read and write so they can get admitted to schools.

This is not easy, as everything has to be done over the phone. Some students have access to smartphones, which makes it much easier as teachers can share videos, provide and mark work via WhatsApp and get the kids to access a wealth of online materials. But most of them don’t and there is a serious risk that they will fall behind with their lessons. We hope to be able to afford to provide them with smartphones and data to stay connected with their learning.


Many staff have been confined to their homes far away from the clinics . Some, such as the office staff have been able to work from home. But the hard physical work of sorting, packing and delivering medicines and food has fallen on a skeleton crew of around 20 people who live near the clinics.

Meanwhile the senior management team and doctors have decided to donate 10% of their salaries this year to help ensure the charity can continue its vital work through the very challenging period ahead.

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