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                 Calcutta Rescue Fund

                           Health, Education and Hope



Illness can be a death sentence for people who live on the streets and in the slums of Kolkata. They cannot afford to buy medicine or pay for operations when they or their children fall ill. Calcutta Rescue provides essential and often life-saving healthcare and health education for over 280 people a day.


Calcutta Rescue runs clinics that provide free treatment for poor and destitute people suffering from many diseases and conditions, including tuberculosis, leprosy, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, infections, wounds, disabilities, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition.


India has the highest number of maternal deaths in the world and almost half of Indian children under three are malnourished. Calcutta Rescue runs a special programme for pregnant women and mothers of young children, who are offered:


• Antenatal and postnatal care

• Special feeding for malnourished babies

• Immunisations

• Health education

• Family planning.


Caring for mothers and babies


"I would have lost my daughter if Calcutta Rescue had not helped her.  I am so lucky to come here and get help.  I did not think she would live and it is like magic that this has happened for her”.


Free medical care