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                 Calcutta Rescue Fund

                           Health, Education and Hope



Calcutta Rescue grew out of the work of Dr Jack Preger, a British doctor who in 1979 established a makeshift clinic on a pavement in Kolkata and began offering free medical treatment to the poor. Today the charity employs over150 local staff and serves 12,000 of Kolkata’s poor every year.


Dr Jack Preger was awarded the MBE in 1993 in recognition of his services to the poor of Kolkata.


In 2017, Dr Jack was named Philanthropist of the Year at the Asian Awards in London.


Calcutta Rescue Fund, a UK registered charity (number 290917), was established in 1984 by former Calcutta Rescue volunteers in order to support the work of Calcutta Rescue in India. All the charity’s fundraising work is still carried out by volunteers: there are no paid staff in the UK.


India has over one billion inhabitants and 2.4 million of them are living with HIV.


Calcutta Rescue reaches 17,000 people a year. With your help we can reach many more.


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Calcutta Rescue received the Guidestar Platinum Award in 2018 -  the highest level of recognition for transparency and public accountability